The Importance of News Values

The study of news values by Galtung and Ruge expanded the research to a wider variety of media, including newspapers and social media. It showed that audiences’ choices of news stories greatly affects journalistic decisions, and these audiences’ choices can be affected by the type of media the news appears in. For example, social media platforms allow people to recommend stories and share stories they like.

While the amount of news that is published can differ, there are some common elements that make up news in different societies. For example, the most important news is given first in a bulletin and on the front page of a newspaper, while less important news is presented in greater detail later on the inside page. Although the contents of news may vary from society to society, the method by which the media evaluates the information is essentially the same.

Media critics argue that the focus of news is based on market research rather than on facts. Nevertheless, some journalists are subject to strict editorial standards and follow judgment guidelines, while others are unbiased and objective. However, they cannot escape their responsibility to tell the truth. Hence, a journalist should make the news interesting and not just boring.

News is an important component of a democracy. Without an informed citizenry, a free press cannot function properly. That’s why journalists must provide news that is accurate and fair, while remaining independent from outside influence. Several researchers have addressed these questions in the context of news. Some of these scholars use criteria such as impact, proximity to home, and controversy, among others.